Underground Utility Locating Services

Professional Underground Location Services Throughout Melbourne

Before planning any excavation services on your property, it’s essential that you locate all utilities that may be running through the area. At Proven Services, we specialise in doing just that, providing affordable and professional underground locating services to a range of residential and commercial properties in the area. Our high standards of service ensure that you have peace of mind knowing that your experience with our team of experts will be seamless from start to finish.


Why choose our underground utility locating services?

Our team of underground service locators are highly trained and experienced experts, providing clients throughout Melbourne with exceptional solutions that they can rely on. Committed to providing an affordable experience that complies with all environmental standards set by the EPA, we are the company of choice for people throughout the city who are looking to safely begin their excavation process.

As a crucial step in the digging process, underground locating services ensure that you don’t obstruct or destroy any crucial utility lines, such as power, water, gas, sewer and telecommunications. Going ahead with excavation plans without organising a thorough and professional utility location service poses many risks. Not only is it possible that you will severely damage a vital line of service to your property, but such damage can cause major safety concerns. That is why our Melbourne wide service helps people safely navigate their excavation sites, giving you peace of mind.


Offering a wide range of services

As industry experts, we are proud to provide a range of solutions to help with your excavation needs. Along with our underground location services, we also provide non-destructive digging solutions to your home or development site. This means that we can efficiently find all utilities running through the area before excavating the site to suit your needs, focusing on safety and environmental conservation to ensure that we meet every standard when it comes to giving you a service you can count on. With a reputation for providing nothing but the most exceptional results, we are proud to be an industry leader when it comes to affordable services that don’t compromise on professional solutions.


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