Who we are

Owned and run by Ben Roddy, Proven Services specialises in Non-Destructive Digging, Excavation/Hydro-Excavation, Vacuum Hire and Underground Service Location. We locate Services like Power, Water, Gas, Sewer and Telecommunications. Our aim is to provide an affordable service that you can trust; Proven is Level 1 Track Awareness certified. The process of execution is simple and designed with our customers in mind. First we locate the Service using an electronic device that gives an approximate position and depth. We then use the Hydro Excavation truck to ensure that the position and depth are Proven, with zero risk of damaging or interrupting the Service. Our trucks are equipped with a 3500K Vacuum tank and a 1200L water tank, allowing us access to tight nooks without having to constantly dispose and refill water, cutting time and costs for you.

Proven Services is EPA registered. Once the job is complete, we dispose of the material in an environmentally friendly fashion.